New Novel: Up Beaver Creek, PD’s story

Beaver Creek 51118E

“Pavement ends. Gravel road ahead. Gravel road plus wet weather equals mud. I can feel it coating my tires and the bottom of my car as I roll along. It’s narrow, winding and mostly deserted. But little roads lead off here and there. You have to look hard to see them. Wait, that’s a nice house. That one, too. That one seems to have holes between the boards.

Great. There’s a truck behind me, using headlights and fog lights in the middle of the day. The driver seems to want to go fast, but if I go any faster, I’ll slide right off the road. Plus, is that rain? Oh yes. Little drops, then big ol’ honkin’ drops. Hold on, buddy, I’ve seen enough. I’m turning around.

Okay, a pullout. I’m turning, sloshing through the mud. Lord, don’t let me get stuck. The truck flies by. I have no idea where Uncle Donovan’s house is. I’m going back to civilization.

Do I want to drive this road every day? In the rain? My car is covered with mud. Some of it is even splattered on the windows. Maybe this is nuts. Maybe I should find a job in town and a nice normal apartment.

I’m tired. I’m staying in tonight and reading the trashy novel I bought at Salvation Army for 50 cents. Too Cissy? Who cares?”

Excerpt from Up Beaver Creek


Introducing Up Beaver Creek

Earthquake, tsunami, a crazy landlord with a garden full of glass flowers, a tree falling through her roof, karaoke and kayaking—what has the singer currently known as P.D. gotten herself into? It’s bad enough that her husband left her a widow at 42, but when she heads west to remake her life, she can’t imagine what’s about to happen.

Up_Beaver_Creek_Cover_for_Kindle (1)In my novel Up Beaver Creek, P.D. is running away from the sorrows she left behind in Missoula, Montana. As she tries to reconcile who she was with who she is now, she lands in a small town on the Oregon coast. She meets the crazy artist Donovan J. Green, Janey the curly-haired soprano, her taxi-driving brother Jonas, kayak-loving Ranger Dave, the lesbians PD calls the “Rainbow Ladies” and other locals who become her new family. Along the way, we get a lot of music and Oregon coast reality, including sideways rain and tsunami wreckage from Japan washing up on the beach. Then the earthquake hits.

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About the author:

I spent many years in the newspaper business before earning my MFA in creative writing at Antioch University Los Angeles and focusing my attention on fiction, poetry and essays. I have published six books, Stories Grandma Never Told, The Iberian Americans, Azorean Dreams, Freelancing for Newspapers, Shoes Full of Sand and Childless by Marriage. Click here for more information

My work has appeared in newspapers, magazines, literary journals and web publications. I also blog at Childless by Marriage and Unleashed in Oregon.

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