Books by Sue Fagalde Lick

The following books are all are available as paperbacks and e-books at, in print via Amazon or your favorite bookstore, or independently from Blue Hydrangea Productions. Send e-mail to

The Widow at the Piano: New! Order now from The Poetry Box or your favorite bookseller.

Gravel Road Ahead: These poems take the reader on a loving journey through Alzheimer’s Disease. Order your copy from Finishing Line Press or from your favorite bookseller.  

Up Beaver Creek: In this novel, PD Soares is trying to start a new life, but everything is going wrong. Will she end up poor and pitiful? No way!

Unleashed in Oregon: best from the blog answers such questions as what is a Californigonian and what was waiting at the door that night.

Azorean Dreams (a novel): Newspaper reporter Chelsea Faust ignores her Portuguese heritage until she meets Simao Freitas and falls in love, but there are problems that may keep them apart.

Childless by Marriage: What do you do when you want children but your partner does not?

Freelancing for Newspapers: How do you get your stories on the pages of the newspaper? This book tells you how to write, market and publish your stories.

Shoes Full of Sand: Why would two Silicon Valley residents leave perfectly good jobs near their families for a new life on the Oregon Coast? Read and find out.

Stories Grandma Never Told: Portuguese-American women tell stories of moving to America, work, families, culture and traditions.


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