Books by Sue Fagalde Lick

The following books are all are available as paperbacks and e-books at, in print via Amazon or your favorite bookstore, or independently from Blue Hydrangea Productions. Send e-mail to

Out now! Love or Marriage: When You Can’t Have Both

It’s like this giant secret that is right in front of everyone. One in five women and even more men don’t have children—at least not their own. For more than half of them, it was not by choice. Their partners a) never wanted children, b) already had kids from a previous relationship, c) never quite felt ready for parenthood, d) had had a vasectomy, or e) had fertility problems. They are forced to make a choice between this man or woman they love and the children they might have had.

Love or Children features the best of more than 700 posts and comments from the Childless by Marriage blog. Sue Fagalde Lick and her readers unveil situations and feelings they wouldn’t dare tell their families, friends, partners, or even their therapists.

The Widow at the Piano: New! Order now from The Poetry Box or your favorite bookseller.

Gravel Road Ahead: These poems take the reader on a loving journey through Alzheimer’s Disease. Order your copy from Finishing Line Press or from your favorite bookseller.  

Up Beaver Creek: In this novel, PD Soares is trying to start a new life, but everything is going wrong. Will she end up poor and pitiful? No way!

Unleashed in Oregon: best from the blog answers such questions as what is a Californigonian and what was waiting at the door that night.

Azorean Dreams (a novel): Newspaper reporter Chelsea Faust ignores her Portuguese heritage until she meets Simao Freitas and falls in love, but there are problems that may keep them apart.

Childless by Marriage: What do you do when you want children but your partner does not?

Freelancing for Newspapers: How do you get your stories on the pages of the newspaper? This book tells you how to write, market and publish your stories.

Shoes Full of Sand: Why would two Silicon Valley residents leave perfectly good jobs near their families for a new life on the Oregon Coast? Read and find out.

Stories Grandma Never Told: Portuguese-American women tell stories of moving to America, work, families, culture and traditions.

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