Sue Fagalde Lick


Childless by Marriage

Shoes Full of Sand

Freelancing for Newspapers

Stories Grandma Never Told: Portuguese Women in California

Azorean Dreams

The Iberian Americans

New Books:

Click here to read an excerpt from my upcoming novel Up Beaver Creek.


Childless by Marriage

Unleashed in Oregon


I have taught at community colleges, conferences and workshops across the country, as well as online. I am available for coaching and editing projects. I am also available for talks to writers groups and others about my writing, my books, childlessness, my dog . . . Just give me a microphone.


Speaking of microphones, I have been a professional musician for almost as long as I’ve been a writer. I sing, play guitar and piano, and write songs. My current “day job” is music minister for Sacred Heart Church here in Newport, Oregon. I lead choirs, lead children in song at our religious education program, sing and play for Masses, weddings, funerals and special occasions. In addition, I perform solo wherever people will have me.

CEO, Blue Hydrangea Productions

This is the mother company and the imprint for my publishing, teaching, editing, writing and music activities. I chose the name for the massive blue flowers right outside my front door which mirror the ones that cover the Azores islands in Portugal from which my mother’s family came.HydranfallB


For information on any of the above, contact me at, 541/961-4561, or P.O. Box 755, South Beach, OR 97366.


2 responses to “Sue Fagalde Lick

  1. Hi, Sue! I saw your review of my book Rise From The River on Goodreads. I’m in Oregon right now – I’ve been in Waldport since July 16th, will be here until this Saturday, the 30th. Would you like to meet for coffee?

    • Hi Kathie. How exciting that you’re here. I love your books. I’m flattened by a back injury but I think it’s getting better. I would love to meet you for coffee. What time do you usually hit Starbuck’s?

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