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In this sequel to Up Beaver Creek, it looks like PD Soares is finally getting her life together, but keep your eyes on the ocean. A sneaker wave is coming. Available in paperback at your favorite bookstore and as a Kindle ebook or paperback at


Amazon author Central page:

Childlessness: Childless by Marriage, Love or Children: When You Can’t Have Both

Poetry: The Widow at the Piano , Gravel Road Ahead

Novels: Up Beaver Creek, Seal Rock Sound, Azorean Dreams

Portuguese Americans: Stories Grandma Never Told: Portuguese Women in California, The Iberian Americans

Life on the Oregon coast: Unleashed in Oregon: Best from the Blog, Shoes Full of Sand

Writing: Freelancing for Newspapers


Childless by Marriage

Unleashed in Oregon

Upcoming Events

I have just signed a contract with SheWrites Press to publish No Way Out of This: Loving a Partner with Alzheimer’s. It is scheduled for release in June 2024.

Teacher and Speaker

I have taught at community colleges, conferences and workshops across the country, as well as online. I am available for readings and talks to writers’ groups and others about writing, childlessness, my dog, the  Oregon Coast, living alone . . . Just give me a microphone.


Speaking of microphones, I have been a professional musician for almost as long as I’ve been a writer. I sing, play guitar, piano, and mandolin and occasionally write songs. After many years as a choir director/accompanist/cantor at Sacred Heart Church here in Newport, Oregon, I have taken my talents to St. Anthony’s in Waldport, as well as anywhere else people will listen.

CEO, Blue Hydrangea Productions


This is the mother company and the imprint for my publishing, teaching, editing, writing and music activities. I chose the name for the massive blue flowers outside my front door which mirror the ones that cover the Azores islands in Portugal from which my mother’s family came.

Click here for the complete Blue Hydrangea book catalog.

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6 thoughts on “Sue Fagalde Lick”

  1. Hi, Sue! I saw your review of my book Rise From The River on Goodreads. I’m in Oregon right now – I’ve been in Waldport since July 16th, will be here until this Saturday, the 30th. Would you like to meet for coffee?


    1. Hi Kathie. How exciting that you’re here. I love your books. I’m flattened by a back injury but I think it’s getting better. I would love to meet you for coffee. What time do you usually hit Starbuck’s?


  2. Sue Fagalde Lick,
    I’m a childless man. Its not like I never had children of my own. My child is in heaven through a miscarriage. I don’t blame my wife, but I do blame the circumstances of that moment.
    It has now lead me down a journey of pursuing parenthood through surrogacy.
    It was an emotional hurdle for me knowing that I’m not a father, and people can be insensitive toward me because I’m not a dad. They’ll ask me if I have children, and for the most part I don’t bite back in frustration. It does get frustrating when even people at church say, “Well, you guys aren’t trying hard enough.” Then I have people tell me what a blessing their child is to them, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It does hurt because in a way they are saying I haven’t been blessed.
    So people find it oddly amusing that I’m always extremely busy, and I mean very busy.
    First it started out with two jobs, and now I’m working three jobs. I’m volunteering to keep myself occupied. Now, I’m also investing too.
    People tell me to chill and don;’t work as hard.
    But if I quit now than I won’t ever be able to afford the surrogacy. I’ll continue to be childless. I work as a mentor. It is very rewarding. Its not like I’m not giving back and being completely self centered.
    I started a journey, and now my wife has decided she is on the same journey with me.
    I made some important strides in the last several months–not nearly enough to afford surrogacy, but as time goes on I always try to up my investments. My goal is to reach $100,000 before this year is out. At this rate, it doesn’t look like this will be the year, but I’m not quitting.


  3. Max,
    I’ve never had children of my own either. I get the same response from some
    very insensitive people. Why people perceive that as an evil in us beats my two pair.
    I hate, loathe and despise Father’s Day. I call it National Chopped Liver Day. Although, I
    stayed busy yesterday and didn’t really think about it. I feel like I missed out on a lot.


  4. Hello Sue! just purchased a signed copy of STORIES GRANDMA NEVER TOLD. A beautiful book but not many signed copies out there.


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