Books by Sue Fagalde Lick


UNLEASHED IN OREGON: Posts from the Unleashed in Oregon blog answer such questions as what is a Californigonian and what was waiting at my door that night?

Unleashed PB cover


STORIES GRANDMA NEVER TOLD: Portuguese-American women tell stories of moving to America, work, families, culture and traditions.

AD new cover 6816

AZOREAN DREAMS (a novel): Newspaper reporter Chelsea Faust ignores her Portuguese heritage until she meets Simao Freitas and falls in love, but there are problems that may keep them apart.

Childless by Marriage cover small

CHILDLESS BY MARRIAGE: What do you do when you want children but your spouse does not?

Shoes Full of Sand cover-small

SHOES FULL OF SAND: Why would two Silicon Valley residents leave perfectly good jobs near their families for a new life on the Oregon Coast? Read and find out.


FREELANCING FOR NEWSPAPERS: How do you get your stories on the pages of the newspaper? This book tells you how to write, market and publish your stories.

IA cover 2011

THE IBERIAN AMERICANS: Portuguese, Spanish and Basque immigrants to the U.S. tell their stories.

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